First Session

When you call for an appointment, we will set up a time for you to come, discuss directions and where to park, and determine method of payment. (If you are using insurance, you may need to call them to tell them you are coming to see me and confirm your co-pay.)

Sessions are 45 minutes long, but for your first appointment, you will need to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out forms in the waiting room.

After you come into my office, we will talk about what brought you to therapy at this time and what your main concerns are. I will need to get some history about you and these issues.  

Then we will set goals for your therapy—what you hope to accomplish during your sessions. I will help you structure these goals and add any that I believe would be helpful. I will also give you feedback on what I have learned and seen from talking to you and estimate how long your therapy is likely to take.

We will discuss if we think we will be able to work well together, and, if so, set up the next appointment. I like to see people every week for a while, until the relationship between us is established and therapeutic momentum is underway. I also like clients to have a regular appointment time to call their own, though I realize this is not always possible due to work and other obligations.

Between the first and second appointments, I will draw up a Treatment Plan which we will go over when you come in. It will consist of ways to work through the issues you have presented. We will talk about these and decide if you agree to and are comfortable with them. 

Bonnie Gilliom, MA, MS
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Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples in Chapel Hill and Durham