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My Background

I am a National Certified Counselor licensed in North Carolina with 29 years of professional experience. My undergraduate work was done at William and Mary, and I have a Masters of Arts in Comparative Literature from Occidental College. I entered the field of counseling by getting a Masters in Science from Georgia State University, and received my license through working in a state outpatient mental health clinic for two years. After that I started a private practice outside of Atlanta where I saw clients who sought help with depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, job problems, trauma, gender identity issues, difficulties in their relationships, loneliness, anger, existential questions and unhappiness.

One of my specialties is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) which I find to be a very effective method of treating posttraumatic stress resulting from trauma such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

I also have worked extensively with couples, helping them to establish goals for the relationship, teaching communication and conflict resolution skills. The couples therapy I do is based on the concept of differentiation. This is a growth model that fosters the strength and wisdom to hold onto oneself in the face of relationship challenges so that one can risk both intimacy and differentness.

My counseling approach differs according to the needs and personality of the client. I believe in the innate wisdom and strength of each individual that emerge as we remove the blocks, usually fear, despair, or confusion, that keep clients stuck. In session I work with clients using a combination of exploration, insight, and education to achieve greater self-knowledge and a healthier, more rewarding life.