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Therapy: Why, What, How?


People come to therapy to talk about their pain and uncertainty. They come to understand, to grow, to live more effectively and fully. Some topics therapy may touch upon are:

• Anxiety

• Shame

• Fears

• Anger

• Trauma

• Difficult decisions

• Job and career

• Parenting problems

• Questions about the meaning of life

• Depression

• Guilt

• Loneliness

• Stress

• Failure

• Grief and loss

• Intimacy issues

• Relationships

• Transitions


Psychotherapy is a process. It involves gaining awareness of vulnerabilities and defenses as well as strengths and coping strategies. It requires courage and honesty as you examine your beliefs about yourself, life, and relationships. You must be able to be both detached and involved on this journey towards self-understanding, wholeness, freedom, and better functioning.


For therapy to be effective, it is important to work with beliefs, emotions, and behavior. Therefore the work I do is a mix of cognitive, psychodynamic, and experiential approaches, tailored to fit the goals, personality, and needs of the client.

With couples, the focus is on communication and conflict resolution skills and on creating goals for the relationship.

In cases of trauma, I frequently use Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing